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The inspiration for the Asia-Europe Youth Cooperation Platform and the "Human Rights - Human Wrongs" International Youth Newsletter was sparked by the meeting of its creators, Hayk Hayrapetyan, Dhananjay Tripathi and Erika Moisl, at a joint Council of Europe-Asia Europe Foundation training held in May 2009 at the European Youth Centre in Budapest entitled "Asia-Europe Training for Youth Leaders on the Role of Human Rights Education in Intercultural Dialogue".


Having spent a week discussing the most effective ways to educate young people on Human Rights, we realised that once more awareness of Human Rights issues is raised among young people, they also come to understand the many ways in which these moral and legal standards are being violated all over the world. Many young people feel the need to stand up and take action to do something about these Human Rights violations, but they don’t know where to turn.


During the training we discussed some of the best ways of motivating young people and we agreed that young people must feel empowered in order to take a stand on the issues going on around them. They must also feel that they are being listened to.


The ”Human Rights-Human Wrongs“ International Youth Newsletter, within the framework of the Asia-Europe Youth Cooperation Platform, presents young Human Rights activists with the opportunity to be involved in monitoring and reporting Human Rights issues in their own countries.


We hope that the Newsletter will empower young people to promote Human rights protection and to contribute to Human Rights Education processes around the world!


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